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Who Gives a Crap?

I know, it sounds like a rude start to a conversation. But hear me out, like most households in America, we go through our fair share of toilet paper. This simple everyday household item that I never gave much thought to actually has a seriously negative impact on our environment. To my dismay, I learned that the origin of most toilet paper available in the market comes from deforestation. Deforestation! Which according to National Geographic, this is:

“Human-driven and natural loss of trees, deforestation affects wildlife, ecosystems, weather patterns, and even the climate.”

One of the purposes of deforestation is logging which is used for paper goods, including toilet paper, tissue, and paper towels among others.

Thus began my search for an option that did not involve deforestation. I came across many products with varying reviews. There are several options out there, and to be honest I started with recycled tp from my grocery store, but did not love it- at all. Then I came across Who Gives a Crap! I decided to take the plunge (sorry for the pun, couldn’t resist) shortly after, I received my box with 48 rolls of Premium 3-Ply Bamboo toilet paper. 48 rolls is a lot, but they are individually wrapped and look super cute! I also shared with friends to see what their thoughts were and they all loved it. Last month I decided to try their tissue and paper towels as well. I love it all, I again shared the goods and have only received one mixed review on their tissue paper. As for me, let me just say, I LOVE THEM!

But it gets better, in addition to offering a planet-friendly product, they also give back to humans across the globe by donating 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those in need in third world countries. How awesome is that!

If you want to check them out, feel free to use this link to get $10 off your first purchase, happy wiping! Oh, if you decide to try it please let me know what your thoughts are.

Also, to learn more about deforestation, check out Climate 101: Deforestation at

*This is not a paid sponsorship, I just really believe in this product and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

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