A huge thank you to our amazing volunteers! On Sat, Oct 24th, they helped us collect 47 bags of trash, 7 tires, 1 mattress, and tons of other debris! All this from just ONE lot!! To our special guests, the CHIHUAHUAS baseball volunteer pack, YOU ROCK! Everyone hustled and it made all the difference! The cold weather is upon us, so we're taking a break from cleanups until 2021. Sign up for our newsletter and social media to get those updates!

Join GREEN HOPE PROJECT for the Adopt-A-Highway desert cleanups we have scheduled this year!

We have concluded our cleaning season for the year. 

To get more information on when we will have more cleanups please volunteer.


Who can attend the clean-ups?

Anyone! We do ask that if you bring small children, they are supervised at all times.


Why clean-ups?

Because we need to create a culture within our community and set an example letting others know that polluting our land is unacceptable!


Please bring appropriate footwear, your own water canister, snacks, and work gloves (if you have your own).


We will bring the trash bags, work gloves (washed in hot water and sanitized), safety vests (washed in hot water and sanitized), bug spray, and a first aid kit.