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Nature Walk Photos



to our Nature Walk photography contest winner,


for her photo entitled Bird Watch! 

Copy of Afterligh.jpg

Our November 2020 Franklin Mountain Nature Walk was a huge success! So many people were interested in attending, that we have decided to do more such events in the future. Be sure to follow us on social media to get up-to-date information about event announcements. 


Here is a note from the judges, Liz DeMoultrie and Benny Pol.


We have basically taken all these pictures at some point in time, so we can relate to the photographers finding something interesting or beautiful enough to capture. There were clearly different levels of observation and appreciation of the beauty within this group of shots.


We chose the Cactus Wren photo by Claudia Cardenas as the winner. It's difficult to capture a bird this clearly, especially a busy body like a Cactus Wren collecting nesting materials.


Hopefully, the participants are going out and taking more photographs on their own. Nothing tells a story like an image!


Check out all the amazing photo submissions we received.

Photography by Benny Pol & Liz DeMoultrie

If you were not able to join us but you are interested in taking a nature walk on your own, make a reservation with the Texas State Parks. Click below.

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