While browsing on social media, I stumbled upon an ad that caught my eye. It was for a pan from Our Place called the Always Pan that boasts about it being 8 pieces of cookware in one. That, however, was not what caught my attention. What got me interested was the specs that mentioned its exclusive non-toxic, nonstick ceramic coating is made without potentially toxic materials like PFOAs, PTFEs, other PFAs, lead, cadmium, toxic metals, and nanoparticles. Cautious that it was a scam, I did some quick review searches online and it seemed to be legit. I bit the bullet and purchased a pan that was way more expensive than anything I’d normally buy ($145), just to see if it was worth it. It helped that they have sales often, bringing the price down to $99 sometimes. So here is my review, after using it for several months now. Spoiler- I liked it so much that I got a second one.

I love love love how smooth it is. I never have problems with anything sticking! Careful not to use metal utensils on this baby!

  • It is such a beautiful and well-thought-out design. I truly believe that the little things you surround yourself with should bring you joy. Esp if it is something that you use on a daily basis! There are so many color options, but my favorite is the green one so far. GREEN Hope Project- go figure!

  • It comes with a cool steamer basket, which I will prob never use in my life. Hah!

  • I like that the lid fits on, yet there is still a small pour area, for when you want to keep larger things from slipping out of the pan while you pour.

  • I like how the handle feels soft and velvety. I hate that some of my pans have handles you can’t touch when they’re hot, and you have to use a towel.

  • The pan gets way hotter than my other ones and pretty quickly. Be careful not to burn anything!

  • The bags that the items came packed in are compostable! Yay for companies that are trying to help the planet!

  • The wooden spoon that it comes with isn’t my favorite. I find it to be too bulky and don’t like that it’s not coated as much as I’d like. I tend to have texture issues with bare wood though. Blegh!

  • The weight of it is nice. Considering what it’s made out of, it’s not too heavy.

  • The MOST important thing to me, however, is knowing that what the pan is made out of is safe. I often think of what we ingest that is unhealthy, without ever knowing it. Maybe I’m overly paranoid or maybe it isn’t all that they claim it to be, but I’d rather err on the side of caution than not.

Check them out yourself, if you want to know more:

Stay happy and healthy! Share some recipes with us, so that we can cook them in our pretty pans!

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Mightynest is a pretty interesting website that we stumbled upon. The gist of it is, you sign up for a yearly subscription and they send you an eco-friendly product once a month. You can leave it up to them to decide what they send you or you can shop their website and customize your monthly deliveries. It ends up being about $11 a month if you get the subscription. The other option is to buy individual products directly from their website, rather than getting the monthly deliveries. It has been pretty fun being exposed to new products and being surprised when you open the box.

One thing that we have sampled so far has been wool dryer balls from New Zealand, acting as a substitute for dryer sheets. By using the dryer balls, you can add whatever essential oil you choose to them, they tumble and separate the clothes to allow better drying, and they are reusable (no more landfill waste!). Not too shabby!

The most recent box we received is something we've been eager to try- Unpaste Tooth Tabs! This nifty cleaner replaces the old, plastic tubes of paste for a glass container with pellets. Simply pop a tab in your mouth, chew, add a toothbrush with a little water on it to your mouth, and viola! No more need for plastic toothpaste tubes to pollute our landfills. Even better, the packaging for refills is compostable AND the unpaste is free of fluoride, bleach, and nasty microplastics! We love the way it makes our teeth feel after brushing! Definitely converted.

To explore this eco-friendly site for yourself, visit:

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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of our composter- SANDY MORALES! She was randomly drawn from all the people that reposted our EPGD posts and signed up for our newsletter! We hope you put it to good use and keep us updated!

Speaking of composting- on to our efforts! BUGS are in the bin now! Yay! Right? We think so, according to what we’ve been reading, at least! Bugs are a part of the ecosystem and are needed to help break down all the plant matter that we’ve been throwing in the bins. We’re sure that, just like anything, moderation is the key though! We’re trying hard to balance the brown with the green matter, along with the amount of moisture we’re adding. You don’t want it so soupy that mold takes over, but you don’t want it so dry that nothing can break down. It also appears that certain bugs help more than others.

Below are a few websites that we discovered, giving us the downlow on the creepy crawlies!

Daves Garden

Plant Care Today

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