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Racial Harmony Mural

In January of 2021, Green Hope Project invited all talented, beautiful, diverse, and creative individuals to embrace their mediums and raise their voices through ART, ADVOCACY, ACTIVISM, and through our collective HOPE. The call was for artists to depict what they felt “Racial Harmony” meant to them. We received an outpouring of visual beauty and compassion! You can still see the Racial Harmony Gallery on our website, with the fantastic submissions we received.

Nearly a year in the making and 3 of the Racial Harmony contest winners are having their work turned into a mural! As we know, when hateful events happen in this world, initially, the community is full of raw emotion and demands immediate action. As time goes on, however, energies and interests can dwindle.

Our hope is that by placing these winning images in the community, in the most democratic manner of art- murals, they can serve as a constant reminder of how we should treat one another, regardless of skin color, background, sexual preference, or gender. This life is short. How do we want to spend it? Green Hope Project and our brilliant muralists have chosen to spend it by making life happier and more bearable for others.

You can see the progress throughout the next several weeks, as this mural goes up downtown at 601 S. El Paso Street. A HUGE thank you to the building owner, Jorge Hernandez, for allowing us the blank canvas & Downtown Management District for accepting our grant application and helping us to fund this meaningful message!

(If you would like to be listed on the wall as a donor, consider contributing $25 or more to Green Hope Project. If you would like to remain anonymous, we will honor that, as well. Complete this form first, so we can gather your contact information. At the completion of the form, you will be directed to a secure site with Paso del Norte Community Foundation to make your donation.)

Meet the Racial Harmony Art Team:

Blocking In

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Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy


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