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To donate, visit and search for “Green Hope Project” on the dates listed above!



2023 Dates



GREEN HOPE PROJECT needs your help with our El Paso Giving Day fundraising campaign! This event is hosted by El Paso Community Foundation and provides a platform for local nonprofits to get their message out into the community and seek support for their goals. 

This opportunity means a lot to us because we know the events that we’ll bring to our region will have a great impact on the community. Take a peek below to see what your donations will make happen. Help Green Hope Project bring art, education, and environmentalism to our region!

  • Environmental Summit

  • Trash to Treasure- recycled art contest & exhibition

  • Recycled art workshops

  • Environmental curriculum for teachers

  • Art therapy

  • Bordalo II- recycled art mural

  • Adopt-A-Highway desert cleanups

  • Precious Plastic Machine

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