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2023 T2T VII 

Congratulations to our top 20 winners!

Sara Reiff_Adult_Ziggy the Junk Rabbit.jpg

Ziggy the Junk Rabbit

1st Place Adult Division

Sara Reiff

Newspaper (body base), polymer clay (excess from students), torn paint rags, computer wires, broken wood rulers, PVC pipes, nuts and bolts, and jewelry wire.

Ziggy is a rabbit made from junk in my classroom. As an art teacher, I have noticed how much excess supplies get thrown away by students. From rags to bolts to the polymer clay they didn't use ending up in a pile on their tables. I wanted to show them that you can create something from materials that weren't used, broken, or torn. Thus Ziggy was born to represent all the things people would simply throw away. He also can articular his limbs which is so much cool.

Francisco Delgado _Adult_La luz de la vida.jpeg

La Luz de La Vida

Honorable Mention Adult Division

Francisco Delgado

Paper, acrylic, and foam board

All materials used in creating the artwork are projects, paint palettes, acrylic paint, and foam board that my students didn’t claim or were to be thrown in the trash. Looking back at these pieces, I realized how much instruction time and conversations we had regarding their projects. Just like these materials, knowledge, and experiences in the classroom can be retained or easily disposed of. As instructors we hope that we can make a positive impact on their lives and like “Prometheus” we hope that this knowledge is shared to make them better humans.


Iriany Hermosillo_High School_Robe d'eau.jpg

Robe d'eau

2nd Place High School

Iriany Hermosillo

plastic bottles, hot glue, spray enamel

it is a dress that is fully made out of water bottles. the top is made out of the top half of water bottles the bottom is made out of the bottom. the belt is out of the plastic labels and the middle part of the bottles. the flowers are also made out of the top and the bottle caps.

Vivian Bashur_High School_Epitome of Friendship.jpeg

Epitome of Friendship

Honorable Mention High School

Vivian Bashur

A tempera painting on marbled paper glued on a sheet of cardboard.

Gracie Angelie Lopez -Middle School-Mr. Reyes .jpeg

Mr. Reyes

3rd Place Middle School

Gracie Angelie Lopez 


Mr. Reyes is the band teacher but not just any teacher he is my idol. Our prompt for Big Art Day this year was heroes and leaders Mr. Reyes is my hero and I see him as a father figure.

Leyla Haro_Elementary_The Hand of Liberty.jpg

The Hand of Liberty

1st Place Elementary

Leyla Haro

Made our of soda tabs, paintbrushes, old game board pieces. The hand of the Statue of Liberty (silver) is holding the torch (copper).

Emory Beltran_Elementary_La Puerta Rosa.jpg

La Puerta Rosa

Honorable Mention

Emory Beltran

Magazine cuttings, Old Frame, Plastic Packaging

Mom and Daughter inside a blue frame and covered with a plastic container.

Jessie Gandarilla _Adult_Her kisses Became Bullets .jpg

Her Kisses Became Bullets

2nd Place Adult Division

Jessie Gandarilla

Plastic lids, broken toys, markers, disposable plastic food trays, broken vacuum parts

This piece is about how a lover's mouth can blow kisses one day and insults the next.

Virginia Castaneda_Adult_Lo Que Recuerdo.jpg

Lo Que Recuerdo

Honorable Mention Adult Division

Virginia Castaneda

Prisma color pencil tin, cardboard, paper, acrylic paint, resin

Lo Que Recuerdo "what I remember" growing up in El Paso, were the alligators at San Jacinto Plaza. I was a small child but I do recall seeing them in a small pond enclosed with a rod iron fence. What made an impression on me was also recognizing the abuse they seemed to have gone through, the red circles symbolize that abuse. My alligator is in Mexican inspired "nicho" in honor of that recuerdo.

Orion Koch-High School-Surgedramon Mask.jpg

Surgedramon Mask

3rd Place High School

Orion Koch

tin foil, hot glue, old couch foam, fabric from old sweater, flex seal, fake fur, plastic dinosaur mask from swap meet, acrylic paint, embroidery mesh for eyes, clay, cut tupperware plastic for inner ear structure, dollar store felt,

its a mask of my character surgedramon. the mouth is articulated and opens when you open yours while wearing it. the teeth, eyes, and markings glow under black light and in the dark.

Ashton Dupri,Cesia Rojas,Judith Favila, Grecia Jara, Amber Long, Lylah Scheller_Middle Sch

Desert Cotton Tale Rabbit

1st Place Middle School

Ashton Dupri,Cesia Rojas,Judith Favila, Grecia Jara, Amber Long, Lylah Scheller

Recycle materials: plastic bottles, coke cardboard boxes, lids, chip bags boxes

A desert rabbit in an array of colors symbolizes El Paso's rich cultural diversity.

Sabrina Ureno, Aaryanna Ortega, Dakota Fiske, Sienna Whetten, Darleen Castillo _Middle Sch


Honorable Mention Middle School

Sabrina Ureno, Aaryanna Ortega, Dakota Fiske, Sienna Whetten, Darleen Castillo

Broken table top, plastic table cloths from painting, leftover pool noodles from a science project, tennis ball plastic containers, foam bowl, cardboard, felt, and yarn from a banner used from a float/parade years ago, portfolio poster from a past student, handles of a paper shopping bag, paper scraps from art projects, hot glue, recycled fabric.

We have chosen to create a sculpture of the Monarch Butterfly.
The Monarch Butterfly has entered the IUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesTM as Endangered, threatened by habitat destruction and climate change as of July 21 st 2022
Students decided to place it on a flower.

Vanessa Vela_Elementary_The River.jpg


2nd Place Elementary

Vanessa Vela

Made with found objects and painted to look like it was abandoned.


Anel Torres and Kayla Rodriguez_Elementary_Vive la vida colorida_ Frida Kahlo .jpeg

"Vive la vida colorida: Frida Kahlo"

Honorable Mention Elementary

Anel Torres and Kayla Rodriguez

Milk gallon, bottle caps, upcycled necklace, old crayons, popsicle sticks, cardboard box, tissue paper and tempera paint

"This artwork represents the bright colors in the life and paintings of Frida Kahlo"

Serjik Leon_Adult_Stary City.jpg

Starry City

3rd Place Adult Division

Serjik Leon

Recycled Fuses

This art piece represents the earth and starts. In daylight, we see different colors, and gives a sense of greatness full of life, like a city that you look from the sky. In the night (when using black light) we see shining pieces that represent the stars.

Britney Aguilar _High School_Handle With Responsible Care (wind chime).jpeg

Handle with Responsible Care (wind chime)

1st Place High School

Britney Aguilar

Plastic bags, magazines, cardboard, cans

I wanted to make a turtle to represent the harm of not recycling and the waste that goes into the environment. I used materials that were known to hurt the sea turtles and the oceans. This is why I crocheted a turtle with plastic bags and used cans to make my art piece become a wind chime.

Jocelyn Diaz_High School_Pickle_edited.jpg


Honorable Mention High School

Jocelyn Diaz

Electrical Wire, Newspaper, Dried Clay, Plaster, silicone

In studying the characteristic of Guillermo Del Toro's style, this character was made from imagination, and repurposed class materials as well using recycled items.

Aly Lopez-Middle School-My Childhood.JPG

My Childhood

2nd Place Middle School

Aly Lopez

Paper Cardboard Glue Paint

I feel like my artwork represents my individuality, with the exact animal that I use as a base of my artwork, because growing up, I only ever really liked giraffes because of how colorful and unique they were to other animals because you’re not really gonna mistake an animal that’s 18 feet tall and yellow which shows how separated giraffes are from any other animal, which shows how unique they are, which is why I gravitate towards them more than any other animal. My artwork also shows my creativity with the color palette I used and the subtle differences between the smaller giraffe and the bigger giraffe.

Veronica Jolynn Onofrey_Middle School_Happy Death Day.jpg

Happy Death Day

Honorable Mention Middle School

Veronica Jolynn Onofrey

Cardboard, paint, sprinkles, fabric, plastic plate, balloon, paper, glitter, glue.

Three human Skeletons celebrating a birthday. It is meant to look old and worn despite the happy moment. This piece is meant to represent those who think about and celebrate the birthdays of those they have lost.

Lucia Borunda, Emilia Borunda _Elementary_Gatonejo.jpg


3rd Place Elementary

Lucia Borunda, Emilia Borunda 

Paper, foil, bottle caps, cardboard, wire, acrylic

This sculpture is an alebrije, a traditional Mexican figurine of a fantastic creature that is sometimes a combination of two or more animals. Our alebrije is named “Gatonejo” referring to a gato and conejo, or cat and rabbit.

Congratulations to all Participants!!!

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