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Mightynest is a pretty interesting website that we stumbled upon. The gist of it is, you sign up for a yearly subscription and they send you an eco-friendly product once a month. You can leave it up to them to decide what they send you or you can shop their website and customize your monthly deliveries. It ends up being about $11 a month if you get the subscription. The other option is to buy individual products directly from their website, rather than getting the monthly deliveries. It has been pretty fun being exposed to new products and being surprised when you open the box.

One thing that we have sampled so far has been wool dryer balls from New Zealand, acting as a substitute for dryer sheets. By using the dryer balls, you can add whatever essential oil you choose to them, they tumble and separate the clothes to allow better drying, and they are reusable (no more landfill waste!). Not too shabby!

The most recent box we received is something we've been eager to try- Unpaste Tooth Tabs! This nifty cleaner replaces the old, plastic tubes of paste for a glass container with pellets. Simply pop a tab in your mouth, chew, add a toothbrush with a little water on it to your mouth, and viola! No more need for plastic toothpaste tubes to pollute our landfills. Even better, the packaging for refills is compostable AND the unpaste is free of fluoride, bleach, and nasty microplastics! We love the way it makes our teeth feel after brushing! Definitely converted.

To explore this eco-friendly site for yourself, visit:

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