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In collaboration with

Franklin Mountain Properties, Paso del Norte Community Foundation & El Paso Environmental Services Department, Green Hope Project

is proud to bring the world-renowned environmental artist Bordalo II, from Portugal to create a BIG TRASH ANIMAL 3-D mural to downtown El Paso.

Our hope is to bring awareness to the plight of endangered, threatened and species of greatest conservation need animals in our region and state.



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The Bordalo II Mural is Happening!

We thought the day would never come, but alas! Bordalo II and his team from Lisbon, Portugal will be coming to Texas to create a GIANT recycled art mural that focuses on a threatened or endangered animal from our region. This world-renowned environmental artist has been in talks with Green Hope Project about such a possibility for over 5 years now. One other time we came this close to his arrival, but then COVID hit and everything went dormant for over two years. We refused to give up on the idea of having this unique artwork, with such a powerful message, in our city!


Where Will the Mural Be?

It seems as if the stars are finally aligning. The perfect building, with its ideal location (across from the downtown Plaza) and its clean canvas, became available. We are thrilled to announce that it will be on the ONE San Jacinto Plaza building (Chase Building), off of Mesa. This 64-foot tall mural will depict an animal that is in need of conservation by using recycled materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. The goal of his artwork is to shine a light on how over-consumerism and pollution affect other living things in this world. 

Free Community Workshops!

Bordalo II and his team are expected to be in El Paso for a week, creating this piece onsite, during August of this year. Thanks to the City of El Paso Museum & Cultural Affairs, GHP is able to host free community workshops, educating the public about what animals are in need of our attention, what we can do to help them and how to create a one-of-a-kind artwork using recycling materials. Be on the lookout for these programs! If you are interested in providing a venue/hosting a workshop, please complete this form.


This Is How You Can Help!

As a result of price increases across the board, we need your help to get the remainder of the money needed to have this installation! The lumber needed for the wall prep, the flights and tools required have all gone up in price! 


  • If you are interested in making a donation to Green Hope Project, please visit our donation page

  • If you would like to support us by making a purchase from our plant fundraiser, please visit our reservation link.

  • If you would like to learn more about the recognition tier levels, check out our sponsorship packet. We are very open to taking not just monetary donations, but in-kind donations, as well.

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