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Racial Harmony

art contest completion


A huge thank you to everyone that participated in the Racial Harmony exhibit and awards ceremony on the 30th! From amazing artists to moving guest speakers, the event was a success! We are continuously inspired by all the creativity we have in our region. Seeing the world through the eyes of our artists gives us hope that we're moving in the right direction. Remember, the message of Racial Harmony lies within your actions. Let's show compassion to others and thrive as a community in doing so. Be on the lookout for the Mural Choice Award winners to have their artwork on walls throughout our city. Again, congratulations to all of our winners and participants alike! Thank you to Black El Paso Voice for partnering with us on this event and to Mary Gonzalez and Sandra Reid for their opening remarks! Be sure to check out the awards video on our YouTube channel if you were unable to attend, sign up for our newsletter/social media accounts to get word about upcoming events, and make plans to enter our Trash to Treasure recycled art contest! Much love to all!

Congratulations to all of the winners!!!


Racial Harmony
Virtual Exhibit

Thank you to EVERYONE that attended the Racial Harmony art awards ceremony, January 30th.

Below are the submitted artworks.

Congratulations to all of the artists!!!

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