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Green Hope Project

invites elementary, middle school, high school, and
adults to submit entries for our upcoming

Trash to Treasure ViII recycled art contest.

The contest is being held in conjunction with Earth Day events to
promote recycling and raise awareness about current issues regarding pollution.

This project began with the El Dorado High School art students adopting a section of the highway to clean up and then turning what they found into artwork. Workshops have been given to educate the community about how they can reuse these materials. These workshops, and other events, will continue with the newly established non-profit, Green Hope Project. It was born out of the desire for former high school students, community members, and local business owners to continue with, and improve upon, what It's Your World Project began.

Artwork must have some component of recycled materials used in it. The judges will take into account the use of materials when choosing works for the exhibition. The theme/subject matter is open, so long as an obvious portion of it is from recycled objects. By means of the Arts, our objective is to raise awareness about environmental concerns. This is one of the ways that we support educational achievement, environmental stewardship, and the arts in our community.


  1. This competition is open to ALL ages- students and adults in the El Paso, Las Cruces, and Juarez regions.

  2. You may enter individual or group projects in this show. For group projects, you will be placed in the division according to the age of the oldest member in the group. Ex: if you have a middle schooler working with a high schooler on a group project, the entry will be placed into the high school division.

  3. All artworks must be the sole creation of the individual(s) submitting the work.

  4. All artwork must have at least a good portion of it that is created out of recycled materials.

  5. Artwork must not depict overly graphic images of violence, sexual content, or politics.

  6. This exhibit is open to all media, 2-D, and 3-D.​


General Competition Classification and Entry Limitations:

Division I
Elementary Students
Division II
Middle School Students
Division III
High School Students
Division IV


In each division, there will be a first, second, and third place. Raiz Federal Credit Union has generously sponsored this event this year, allowing for us to give cash prizes out to the top works.


Below is the breakdown of the cash value award amounts.


● Adults

1st - $300

2nd - $150

3rd - $100


● High School

1st - $150

2nd - $100

3rd - $75


● Middle School

1st - $75

2nd - $50

3rd -$35


● Elementary School

1st - $50

2nd - $35

3rd - $25


Art Contest Schedule and Location:

   Entry Deadline:

We will be taking photo submissions for this competition. All entries should be submitted online ( no later than Thursday,

March 28th, 2024 at 11:59pm.

If submitting for a 3-d artwork, you will need to:         

  1. Include photos from multiple angles

  2. Make sure the lighting is good

  3. Make sure your photos are not blurry

  4. Include your full name, the dimensions (width, height, and depth), the materials used to create the work (particularly identify what recycled items you have used), what division you're in, and grade level-if in school, contact number, a brief explanation of the meaning of your work (if any), and the title of your piece.

If submitting for a 2-d artwork:

  1. Include a full photo of your artwork in addition to a detail shot

  2. Make sure the lighting is good

  3. Make sure your photos are not blurry

  4. Include your full name, the dimensions (width, height, and depth), the materials used to create the work (particularly identify what recycled items you have used), what division you're in and grade level-if in school, contact number, a brief explanation of the meaning of your work (if any), and the title of your piece.

**Any photos that do not match what the artwork looks like in person are subject to disqualification.

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 3.25.26 PM.png


A committee will judge all submissions based on style, craftsmanship, and whether the artist stuck to the specified use of materials. Applicants will be notified by email
whether they were chosen for the exhibit
or not.


If you are chosen to be in the show, the exhibition and awards ceremony will be hosted at the end of April. Stay tuned for the exact ceremony time and location.

**Award winners will be announced on the day of the reception during a live awards ceremony. 

Exhibit Date:

​TBD- please check the website in the future or sign up for our newsletter ( for more details.


Artwork may be published on the It’s Your World website, Green Hope Project
website, on Facebook, and on other social media outlets for advertising purposes. ​


Contact Us:

For questions or additional information:
Candie Printz
Phone: (915) 731-6271

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