Call for Presenters!

El Paso Environmental Summit 2021

El Paso’s first-ever Environmental Summit: A Call to Action! is seeking more workshop presenters!! 


We have so many informative and interactive events planned for you throughout the Months of April & May, but are looking for even more! Here are just a few things that you’re in store for:​​

  1. An incredible keynote speaker- Michael Reynolds, the architect of the Earthships!

  2. Amazing local leaders as guest speakers!

  3. Kid and family workshops, where science and art supplies will be provided to attendees!

  4. Outdoor workshops at state parks!

  5. A networking evening, including a goodie bag with food and drinks!

  6. Composting workshops!

  7. Gardening workshops!

  8. Nutrition and cooking workshops

  9. Advocacy workshops!

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If you are interested in presenting at this event, please complete the Environmental Summit Presenter Application no later than March 20th, 2021. 

If you are interested in participating in any other way click on the button below to fill out the participation form.

Upcoming Events

Deadline for online submissions is March 27th, 2021

Over $1,500 in prizes! Open to ALL ages! Exhibition and Awards Ceremony to be  


Artwork by Romelo Rosario - T2T 2020 Best of Show

Call to Artists



Green Hope Project invites elementary, middle school, high school, and
adults to submit entries for our upcoming Trash to Treasure V recycled art
contest. The contest is being held in conjunction with Earth Day events to
promote recycling and raise awareness about current issues regarding pollution.

This project began with the El Dorado High School art students adopting a
section of the highway to clean up and then turning what they found into
artwork. Workshops have been given (and will continue to be given) to
educate the community about how they can reuse these materials. These
workshops, and other events, will continue with the newly established non-
profit, Green Hope Project. It was born out of the desire for former high
school students, community members, and local business owners to continue
with, and improve upon, what It's Your World Project began.

The exhibit will be held virtually this year, in conjunction with our
Environmental Summit. Artwork must have some component of recycled
materials used in it. The judges will take into account the use of materials
when choosing works for the exhibition. The theme/subject matter is open, so
long as an obvious portion of it is from recycled objects. By means of the
Arts, our objective is to raise awareness about environmental concerns. This
is one of the ways that we support educational achievement, environmental

stewardship, and the arts in our community. 


Racial Harmony

art contest completion

A huge thank you to everyone that participated in the Racial Harmony exhibit and awards ceremony on the 30th! From amazing artists to moving guest speakers, the event was a success! We are continuously inspired by all the creativity we have in our region. Seeing the world through the eyes of our artists gives us hope that we're moving in the right direction. Remember, the message of Racial Harmony lies within your actions. Let's show compassion to others and thrive as a community in doing so. Be on the lookout for the Mural Choice Award winners to have their artwork on walls throughout our city. Again, congratulations to all of our winners and participants alike! Thank you to Black El Paso Voice for partnering with us on this event and to Mary Gonzalez and Sandra Reid for their opening remarks! Be sure to check out the awards video on our YouTube channel if you were unable to attend, sign up for our newsletter/social media accounts to get word about upcoming events, and make plans to enter our Trash to Treasure recycled art contest! Much love to all!

Congratulations to all of the winners!!!

In December the National Society of High School Scholars, an organization that was co-founded by Claes Nobel, of the Nobel Prize, awarded Green Hope Project a grant. We are so incredibly grateful to NSHSS for helping us to continue our art, education, and environmental efforts! We are honored to be one of the ten recipients of the Be More Fund, receiving $10,000! We will use these funds to begin building the first of 4 machines to repurpose plastic waste, gathering educators to begin writing art/environmentalism curriculum, and bring Bordalo II, a world-renowned muralist, to El Paso, Texas to create a trash mural in our city. 

We are thrilled to be a part of these NSHSS members and educators that impressed the judges with their initiatives that strive for world betterment. 

To see the complete list of the 10 winners of the $100,000 Be More Fund who competed for a $10,000 grant during the virtual Be More-A-Thon, click on the image below.


Be More Fund - NSHSS


to our Nature Walk photography contest winner,


for her photo entitled Bird Watch! 

Our November 2020 Franklin Mountain Nature Walk was a huge success! So many people were interested in attending, that we have decided to do more such events in the future. Be sure to follow us on social media to get up-to-date information about event announcements. 


Here is a note from the judges, Liz DeMoultrie and Benny Pol.


We have basically taken all these pictures at some point in time, so we can relate to the photographers finding something interesting or beautiful enough to capture. There were clearly different levels of observation and appreciation of the beauty within this group of shots.


We chose the Cactus Wren photo by Claudia Cardenas as the winner. It's difficult to capture a bird this clearly, especially a busy body like a Cactus Wren collecting nesting materials.


Hopefully, the participants are going out and taking more photographs on their own. Nothing tells a story like an image!


Check out all the amazing photo submissions we received.

Photography by Benny Pol & Liz DeMoultrie

If you were not able to join us but you are interested in taking a nature walk on your own, make a reservation with the Texas State Parks. Click below.