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We are reaching out to you to check in during these uncertain times. We know that COVID-19 information has bombarded the news and changed our lives. Please accept our best wishes for your physical and mental health, as we navigate these uncharted waters.

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Green Hope Project

Regarding the Environmental Summit 2020: A Call to Action! & the recycled art contest/exhibition, Metamorphosis: Trash to Treasure IV, they are on hold for now. What you need to know about these two events:

Trash to Treasure reception is postponed, 

until further notice.

Metamorphosis: TRASH TO TREASURE 2020


The plan is to continue with the exhibit at the Cordova building downtown we are just not sure what date at this point in time. 


Trash to Treasure judging will continue as planned. We should know the art pieces selected by April 4th. Everyone that entered, whether chosen or not, will be notified when the results are posted on our website. If chosen, we will have more information for you about drop off and exhibition in early April (fingers crossed!)

The environmental summit is postponed,

until further notice.




We are thrilled to have a passionate keynote speaker, Michael Reynolds, architect of Earthship homes. There will also be opportunities for community involvement, green vendors, hands-on workshops, and a panel discussion. The summit deliberations will be on the following theme: green infrastructure. The summit will be a platform where our city can come together and address environmental challenges, discover green businesses in our area, try new eco-friendly products, and witness the creative artworks from recycled materials made by k-adult artists. In addition to all of this, we will also have prizes, food, a recycled art runway show, and face painting!  Green Hope Project is partnering with the Environmental Services Department this year to bring you the Earth Day Celebrations at San Jacinto Plaza and the Cortez building. 

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