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I’m sitting in a cafe, drinking my usual soy cortado from a compostable coffee cup. I try my best to avoid single-use items, but sometimes your favorite baristas want to personalize your drink with a little extra love, expressed in sharpie on the side of the container. It’s fine. Why do I feel so guilty, then? Isn’t there more to worry about than my actions as an individual?

The truth is, there are much larger issues than our consumer waste- cups and straws are the least of our problems. This gets me thinking...

Why is there so much emphasis on the roles of normal people, then? When did this start? If my daily choices don’t clear the oceans, what’s the point? What am I supposed to do?

Answering these questions and more can take a lot of time, reflection, and research- because these topics can become overwhelming at least, and disheartening at most, I’ll try my best to break it up it as neatly as possible. We’re learning this together- a major focus of GHP is community and collaboration, and that is not exclusive of even blog posts! These are conversations we want to have, in order to go beyond the usual environmentalist routes & routines we’ve relied on for the past 30-40 years.

Stay tuned & join the discussion! Ask questions, share information, and be receptive. Do the best you can, with the choices available to you- (spoiler alert! Individual action does make a difference) and try your best to make better options practical for everyone!

Let’s shake things up a bit.


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Nora Aguirre-Reyes
Nora Aguirre-Reyes
16 sept. 2019

Thank you for caring about our planet! Thank you for caring about our community!

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