Inspirational Speaker
Candace Printz


School Districts

In being a teacher Candace Printz understands the difficulties of implementing new things to your curriculum. this is why with Green Hope Project she has developed a TEXAS curriculum that is easy to follow, Project Based Learning oriented and effective.

Boost morel and inspire your teachers to make change in their environments and empower them with the tools and confidence that they need to know they can do the same for their students. If you are interested please contact us.



Book Candace Printz as a speaker and/or Green Hope Project for a  workspace and run a Workshop to help employees unwind and make art from trash.


*Promote creativity Raise environmental awareness

*Host recycled art workshops

*Do weekly desert cleanups with Adopt-a-Highway

*Allow artists free access to discarded items found in the desert

*Educate the community about local recycling services

*Introduce people to local non-profits that share the same goals as us: to make our region a better place to live

*Organize a yearly art contest/exhibition open to all ages


social party events

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RAISE AWARENESS: So off how you care about the environment by hosting a workshop for any of your social events.