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Desert Dogs

Though we are saddened by the fact that we constantly find dogs that have been dumped when we do our desert cleanups, we are grateful to all the rescue groups that step in to help. Without good people balancing the scales, these sweet babies wouldn’t have a fighting chance. Thank you to Muttlove Dog Rescue and From the Heart Animal Rescue for taking in 4 of the most recent dogs we’ve found. Also, a huge thank you to all the fosters that opened their homes to these pups! Here are the pupdates you’ve been waiting for!

Chamomile was found in the desert last month, abandoned. She was taken to Animal Services, has been spayed, chipped, and is now in the care of Muttlove. She is waiting for someone to give her the best Christmas present ever: a loving home!

Glory, seen above, is our sweet old lady. She was found in the desert, barely able to walk. She was riddled with tumors, anemia, hair loss, eye issues, and underweight. Luckily, after a couple of months with the best foster family and countless good samaritans contributing to her healthcare, she is doing SO well! She has gained weight finally, is getting medicine to help with her joint pain, and is scheduled for surgeries to help correct her eye issues and tumors in early Dec. She, too, is needing a forever home for the holidays! She LOVES being with other dogs, cuddles, and a nice quiet home to relax in. If you’re interested in this sweet girl, please contact Muttlove on Facebook @Muttlovin

Blondie is another one of our desert doggies. She is sweet, small, soft, and loves other dogs. She was pulled from Animal Services by From the Heart Animal Rescue and is currently safe with a foster family now. If you would be willing to let her into your heart and home, please reach out to them on

Marge has those sad eyes that make you want to scoop her up and hold her! She was also picked up in the desert and was at Animal Services with Blondie. From the Heart also took this girl in and she is pending adoption right now! Fingers crossed! Yay!

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