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Updated: Oct 11, 2020

A HUGE thank you goes out to all the volunteers that came to our desert cleanup on Saturday, Oct. 3! We collected 30 bags of trash, 3 tires, and rescued one doggy in 3 hours! It's amazing what can be done when we unite in a shared cause! Two cleanups down and 3 more to go! See the flyer for dates and details on how to join us!

Not only were we able to clean up our city, but we saw the need for compassion when helping out a sweet animal that was left in the desert, alone and in need of help. We urge you to not look away when assistance is needed from those that are weak and vulnerable.

Glory, as we have named her, is safe now. The update post below is from Muttlove Dog Rescue, the incredible rescue group that has stepped in, anytime we've needed them. Please read below and consider donating to them to help Glory, and other dogs like her, with their medical bills.

UPDATE on 10/3/2020:

Update for Glory. She's done at the vet and nice and comfy in a loving foster home.

Unexpectedly enough, we found her former owner including pictures of her looking comfy and spoiled within the last couple of years. And while we are SUPER suspicious of them based on the circumstances of how she was found, we always want to at least give the owners the chance to at least explain themselves. We've reached out, but there's been no response.

She has a lot of things wrong with her. She has entropion in both eyes which is a condition where her eyelashes are facing into her eyeballs; this will require surgery to fix. She has tumors all over. Arthritis in both knees is definitely causing her pain. And she has anemia. So for the moment, she's on meds to help treat/mitigate what we can.

But the most disturbing problem is that she has an enlarged heart. It is too large for her to safely go into surgery to fix all of her other issues right now. We thought maybe it would be heartworm that was causing that which would have had a fix, but no. It's weird to be sad a dog doesn't have heartworm. So we're treating her for the next 10 days and then she'll go in for a follow-up. Our fingers are crossed that her little heart will maybe be a more manageable size so we can go in and fix things.

We know there's definitely no way she could have just run off into the desert on her own based on her mobility. We know she wasn't out there that long based on her body condition. And we know that the medical issues that she has, were all progressive. It's not like she ran off into the desert and then a day later had everything wrong with her.

We believe either she was stolen from her owners and dumped or her owners decided they didn't want to deal with all of her medical issues and dumped her. Neither is ok. Both are cruel. And she deserved better.

We've already begun the process of transferring her chip to us to be safe.


Update on Glory, the dog that was found in the desert on Saturday. She is getting some much-needed love and attention at her foster home and boy has it made a difference! She is walking better and eating well! It appears that medicine, bath, food, rest, and love were really what she needed! Fingers crossed her heart isn't so enlarged when she goes in for her checkup in a little over a week. We really need it to be smaller so that she can get the eye and leg surgeries that will really change the quality of her life for the better. One step at a time!

If you'd like to make a donation to help Glory or any other dogs that are in the care of Muttlove Dog Rescue, you can go here:

Help us do more by donating to support our efforts, which includes helping the abandoned animals that we find at our cleanups.


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