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Composter Winner

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of our composter- SANDY MORALES! She was randomly drawn from all the people that reposted our EPGD posts and signed up for our newsletter! We hope you put it to good use and keep us updated!

Speaking of composting- on to our efforts! BUGS are in the bin now! Yay! Right? We think so, according to what we’ve been reading, at least! Bugs are a part of the ecosystem and are needed to help break down all the plant matter that we’ve been throwing in the bins. We’re sure that, just like anything, moderation is the key though! We’re trying hard to balance the brown with the green matter, along with the amount of moisture we’re adding. You don’t want it so soupy that mold takes over, but you don’t want it so dry that nothing can break down. It also appears that certain bugs help more than others.

Below are a few websites that we discovered, giving us the downlow on the creepy crawlies!

Plant Care Today

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