This year we have been tasked with planning the Environmental Summit. Find out what part you can play.

El Paso
A Call to Action!
April 18, 2020

Implement It's Your World Project at your school and motivate your teachers with Candace Prints motivational  journey to Green Hope Project.

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Candace Printz



Schedule us to come to your facilities and present a 2hr workshop on how to create treasure from trash.


Art Workshops


Help us bring world-renowned environmental artist Bordalo II

to EL Paso. For more information click on the image.

Green Hope Project teams up with the El Paso Environmental Services Department 


Join our clean ups or create your own clean up day.  For more information click on the image.


Clean Ups

This is a city wide competition were artists are task with creating art out of trash.

For more information click on the image.


Trash to Treasure

Run by Mrs. Candace Printz and her students this club is where it all began. Find out more about their journey, click on the photo to link to their website.

It's Your World Project.

El Dorado HS


Help Support the cause. Become a Gold Supporter find out how click on the image. 

Green Hope Project Participates in

El Paso Giving Day.

Click on the image to contact us and let us know how you would like to take part in making change in your


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